The Walking Dead: Made to Suffer

Some live-bloggy thoughts on the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead…

Cutty from The Wire is killing zombies? I’m in.

Seeing how another group is surviving in this environment is a good change of pace. Though them invading the prison when the muscle of the group is gone likely won’t end well.

You get a feel for how differently people in this world handle death. Carl shoots Lori after she gives birth, to protect the group and to end her misery. The Governor can’t let his zombie daughter go.

How is this guy finding time to wax his moustache to get it to curl like that? That’s not a natural look.

Glen picked a lock with a human forearm. He’s the best.

The group got into Woodbury reallllly easily.

This is like the best game of American Gladiators ever.

As soon as another black male cast member is added the other one dies. Of course.

What could go wrong with a 12 year old wandering zombie infested prison hallways by himself?

If you show me a room of fish tanks filled with human heads in the beginning of the season I have to see it again at some point. So, nice touch there.

I know Michonne killing Penny was supposed to be dramatic, but I couldn’t help but laugh. The Governor hasn’t been formed well as a villain. Michonne hasn’t been formed well either for that matter.

The Andrea vs Michonne staredown means very little when both characters have been disappointments this season.

Maybe Cutty can teach everyone how to box in case they run out of ammo.

This is when the Governor turns into cyclops, right?

Sacrificing Merle for your shortcomings. Smart move, Governor.

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Walking Dead: When the Dead Come Knocking

Some live-bloggy thoughts on last night’s Walking Dead


-Nice to see Merle hasn’t changed much.

-Glenn knows he can’t give away Darryl’s location. It’s the only leverage he has against Merle.

-Apparently the stench of walker has a limited shelf life.

-Michonne has a strange affection for her katana.

-As I’ve noted before, the whole Carol subplot is stupid. No one cared to look for her when they had no evidence she had died. Her character has been built more this year but she’s still one of the least compelling ones.

-Glenn looks like a boxer after 15 rounds.

-Carl is far less annoying this season, though I guess there’s less chance he runs off somewhere now.

-Naming the baby after some random third grade teacher?

-Glenn’s always been my favorite. This just cements it.

-Creepy experiments on cancer patients. Good times, Milton.

-The Governor. The sexual assaulter. Awesome. Not.

-Stupid scientists.

-This is the type of episode that was needed to put the Governor in a real evil light.

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The Walking Dead: Hounded

Some live bloggy thoughts on “Hounded”

As expected, the Governor’s not letting Michonne go peacefully as Merle and a posse are tracking her down. Going by body count, that didn’t work out so well.

The phone Rick answered seems to be real and not part of him going insane, though he does seem to still be leaning in that direction.

I’m going to bet that the call is coming from someone inside Woodbury. Rick and the Governor have to clash eventually.

Andrea, still wanting some conformity in her life, decides to stay in Woodbury. Breaking rules isn’t going to help, though.

Carl and Darryl, bonding over death.

Michonne has figured out if you SMELL like a walker they’ll treat you like one.

Ok, perhaps I was wrong about the going insane thing.

Awkward sexual innuendos with the Governor. Good times.

Two hostages, a baby in need of formula, and a wounded Michonne. Not good for our heros.

Yep, Rick’s mentally lost it.

I was never interested in Lori, so I’m not interested in Rick’s grief and psychosis over her.

Yes, Darryl, the person NO ONE WENT LOOKING FOR, is still alive.

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The Walking Dead: Killer Within

Some live-bloggy thoughts on the most shocking and emotional episode of the series to date.

This world would be much more interesting if animals turned to zombies as well.

T-Dog, you’re not allowed to have an opinion during the Ricktatorship.

The extended absence of Lori has been a welcomed addition.

My favorite part of the show continues to be the fact that everyone has turned into an expert marksman.

Finally, the every useless T-Dog gets bitten.

Merle is unapologetically brazen, I’ll give him that.

A giant air horn is the absolute worst thing you could have in a zombie apocalypse.

*crosses my fingers* Here’s hoping Lori dies during childbirth.

The one character without a backstory anyone cares about dies. Good.

The Governor seems all well and good until you see his aquarium of heads, Andrea.

I understand you’re upset Rick left you to die and all, but whats the point of attracting the mess of zombies, little guy?

While the birthing scene was actually pretty touching, the aspect of the baby was still an unneeded dynamic. It did give us an excuse to get rid of Lori, though.

Bravo to the performance of Andrew Lincoln in that final scene. Rick will mourn, but this will also give him a chance to move on. As long as Carl and the baby are still alive he has something to live for. He’s changed a lot as a character this season and this will only push that farther along.

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The Walking Dead “Walk With Me”

A few live-bloggy thoughts on Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead

It’s never good to crash a helicopter, but it’s REALLY not good when the zombie apocalypse is among us.

Why is Andrea sick? Just from lack of food?

Merle! He’s a way more badass looking version of Captain Hook.

The Governor is being a bit too accommodating.

This chubby scientist was the record executive in Walk the Line.

Michone isn’t as trusting as Andrea, probably rightfully so.

Well, that escalated quickly. Brick killed a guy.

I know you don’t have TV, but that’s a pretty messed up thing to be watching in it’s place.

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The Walking Dead: Sick

Some live-bloggy thoughts on Sunday’s “The Walking Dead”

-Is one of the prisoners Michael Clarke Duncan’s son? Too soon?

-The Ricktatorship is in full effect.

-It’s a nice change of pace to see the reaction of people who haven’t been exposed to this new world before.

-If I was just informed that half the population was wiped out by a disease I would probably try and learn as much about how to survive as possible, not argue with the leader.

-I’m sure bread crumbs make a lovely meal.

-These prisoners are dumb as all hell

-Carl killing walkers by himself and back talking his mom. He ran off again, too? Awesome.

-RIP Michael Clarke Duncan Jr


-The moral compass Rick has to impose on himself this season is far better than season 2.

-Carol, gross.

-If only the show would cut ties with Lori the way Rick has.

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The Walking Dead: Seed

Some live-bloggy thoughts on The Walking Dead’s premiere.

I had a lot of issues with the second season of the show. Hopefully this season brings better results…

-A homemade silencer is a nice touch to any 12 year old’s gun.

-Eating dog food on the other hand…gross. Owl, though…

-Hershel is a smart man. Beards are the way to go.

-Lori’s pregnant belly looks hilarious. Like they put a rubber nipple on a bowling ball.

-That didn’t take long to find the prison.

-One of the more ridiculous aspects of this show is how everyone has the marksmanship of a trained sniper.

-Michonne is pretty bad ass.

-Riot gear zombies are the most dangerous zombies.

-A lot of people complained that last season didn’t have enough zombie killing. This episode should definitely appease them.

-The weight of being the dictator (Ricktator) takes its toll.

-Down goes Hershel, down goes Hershel.

-Um, Hershel seemed a bit too calm while his leg was getting chopped off.

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