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Covert Affairs: Welcome to the Occupation

As I said last week, Covert Affairs is my least favorite of the USA shows I watch. Being so, I don’t know why it compels me to write so much, but it does. I guess I see a show that … Continue reading

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Hell’s Kitchen Episodes 3 & 4: Drama

Another week with two(!) new episodes of Hell’s Kitchen. While that may seem like overkill, it’s hard to argue with an extra hour of Chef Ramsey berating and abusing his chefs. Hell, even Chef Ramsey’s assistants got into it this … Continue reading

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Why “The Glades” Lost Me As A Viewer

I watched the entire first season of The Glades (A&E, Sunday 10 PM) without complaining. In fact, I’d say I enjoyed it. The storylines were good, and I wanted to see where things were going. The second season, which started … Continue reading

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Food Network Star: Prime Cut

After last week’s fantastic episode of Food Network Star — in which the last of the “pretenders” were finally eliminated — this week’s episode had to meet some high expectations. While it wasn’t as drama-filled as previous episodes — due … Continue reading

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Breaking Bad: Thirty-Eight Snub

Last week’s season premiere saw our two main characters virtually confined to one space the entire hour, sorting out the details after one murder while eventually witnessing another. This week we get to see how Walter and Jesse, and to … Continue reading

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Ugly Americans Hits One Out of the Park

*This is a review of the Ugly Americans episode “Ride Me to Hell,” which originally aired on July 14th. I just got around to watching it this week and felt it deserved a write-up as it was not only a … Continue reading

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Covert Affairs: Half a World Away

There are a few shows I watch on a regular basis that I enjoy but rarely find something interesting enough to write about. One of those happens to be Covert Affairs. The shows on USA depend on a three pronged … Continue reading

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