Mission Statement

Welcome to Must See T.B(log), a pop-culture/television site co-created by Erik Hahmann and I. While we typically can be found writing about sports on various sites across the internet, Erik and I also discovered that we share a mutual passion for television. What we hope to do here is share our opinions about certain shows, and provide readers with analysis and reviews of some of our favorite programs. Hopefully, our unique opinions and humor on this subject will convince you, the reader, that we know what we’re doing here.

I’ve always considered television to be important to me. So important, in fact, that I decided it was a legitimate career choice. I studied Broadcast and Electronic Communication at Marquette University; which enhanced both my knowledge and passion for television and television production. While I’ve mainly used that experience to work in a sports environment, I actually do have some experience working in the entertainment industry (perhaps on a show that we might cover over the next few months…but I will fill you in on that once we get there). That doesn’t make me an expert on the subject; far from it. I just consider myself someone who enjoys being entertained by a good story.

Erik’s experience with television grew a little more organically. While TV was always important to him during his formative years, the explosion of DVR made watching television easier and more accessible. For Erik, television is “like a book that you can see. What’s not to like?”

Over the next few days/weeks/months, Erik and I — and a few other special guests — will start posting reviews and opinions of some of our favorite shows on television. We hope you find them entertaining, and we’ll always be open to hearing your opinions and feedback on our pieces. I’ve always been the type of person who enjoys creating discussion, so I hope to endlessly debate various topics with both the reader and Erik.

So, that’s what we’re all about here. We hope you enjoy our site, and we hope to entertain you over the next couple of days. Thanks for visiting, you’ll be hearing from us soon.

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1 Response to Mission Statement

  1. Kay says:

    Can’t wait to read your first review!

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