Thoughts on the Men of a Certain Age Cancellation

For the second time in a year one of my favorite shows gets cancelled far earlier than it deserved.

First, it was Terriers, the private detective drama on FX that would have been renewed for 10 seasons if the level of viewership was equal to the amount of critical praise it received. Instead, we have a brilliant 13 part mini-series to treasure. Men of a Certain Age suffered the same fate today. The ratings weren’t high enough for TNT to justify bringing it back for a third season. The brain child of Ray Romano and Mike Royce, the show made me, a 25 year-old, care about the lives and problems of three middle-aged men in a way I never expected. Romano, Scott Bakula, and Andre Braugher acted the hell out of every episode, with Braugher earning two Emmy nominations for his role as Owen, Bakula in the role of his life, and Romano showing off his surprisingly terrific dramatic acting chops.

Also like Terriers, the season finale of MOACA, obviously written before they had any indication of cancellation, works very well as a series finale. There are no truly happy moments on the show, but each of the men end the series with the same type of bitter-sweet success we grew to expect over the series’ 22 terrific episodes.

I’m sad to see it go, but suppose we are lucky to have seen as much as we did.

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