Hell’s Kitchen Episode Two: All About Brendan

Oh Brendan, we hardly knew you. And after two episodes I’m not sure we wanted to know more about you anyway. In those two hours, you managed to come of as incompetent in the kitchen, cocky and potential sexist (I’m thinking of the “men should cook better on the grill” comment). When we combine all of those factors, it’s easy to think the producers may have had a large say in your selection as a finalist. As if that weren’t enough, you actually attempted to lie to Chef Ramsey during dinner service. Whether Chef Ramsey is actually psychic, or just very well-informed by the production crew, he never misses a mistake on Hell’s Kitchen. The man cannot be fooled. So when you attempted to serve the same salmon a second time, you should have realized that would be your downfall. Sure enough, we won’t be seeing you anytime soon. Good riddance.

Now that Brendan has been properly eulogized, let’s skip to some random thoughts from episode two.

-We’re only two episodes in, but two chefs may have established themselves as favorites at this point. Will and Krupa have stood out in both episodes this season, and seem like the two strongest chefs in their kitchens.

-There’s a Carrie and Elise rivalry brewing already. Though the longer she is on the show, Elise may feud with everyone.

-One woman will be joining the men’s team next week at Chef Ramsey’s request. The team would probably choose to send away Elise, but it looks like Chef Ramsey wants the chefs to volunteer to change teams.

-Elise already has a terrible reputation in the women’s kitchen, so don’t expect the producers to let Chef Ramsey ruin that drama just yet. She will stay put.

-Chino is the worst chef currently on the show, but three men have already left this season. Even if he struggles, I suspect a member of the women’s team will go home next week.

-It’s still early, and I’m still learning all the chef’s names, but it’s kind of sad that no one else has stood out.

-Next week’s promo promised to be the “most confrontation” Hell’s Kitchen ever. Can’t wait to tune in for that!

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