Breaking Bad: Thirty-Eight Snub

Last week’s season premiere saw our two main characters virtually confined to one space the entire hour, sorting out the details after one murder while eventually witnessing another.

This week we get to see how Walter and Jesse, and to a lesser extent Mike, cope with the events that transpired in the Super Lab. Each man is understandably scared and expresses it in their own unique way.

Walt is so paranoid over the whole situation that he buys a hand gun — serial number filed off — from one of Saul’s associates. Although he assures the gun dealer that his purchase is purely for defensive purposes, we see him twice attempt, without really attempting, to kill Gus himself. The first time in the Super Lab the shadowy man walking down the stairs turns out to be Victor’s replacement. The second time, after being told by Mike that he’d never see Gus again, Walt drives to Gus Fring’s house, parks his Aztec, and begins walking to the front door until he’s interrupted by a phone call. The voice, who I don’t recognize but assume is Mike, advises him “to home Walter.” His paranoia even bleeds over into a conversation with Skyler as he freaks out at her even mentioning their plan to buy a car wash in a message on his answering machine. Walt is as smart as they come, but he’s not without his flaws.

No one is taking the effects of Gayle and Victor’s deaths as harshly as Jesse. Not wanting to be alone, he begins using drugs again with Badger and Skinny Pete, which leads to a non-stop two day party at his house. It also gave us my favorite scene in the episode, where the camera is affixed to Jesse’s Rumba, giving us a ground’s eye view of the aftermath of the party. When the party finally ends, much to Jesse’s chagrin, he’s left alone for the first time all episode, and we can see why he’s been avoiding it. Aaron Paul’s performance in that scene was perfect. The shaking, the tears in his eyes, the manic look on his face. Everything. Jesse is severely damaged, and I’m not sure what is going to bring him out of that. We do get to see Jesse receive one happy moment as the girl he was seeing after Jane’s death — the sister of the child gunned down in the park in last season’s ‘Half Measures’ which lead to Walter killing the two dealers responsible — comes by to say thank you to Jesse, in a roundabout way, for dropping an envelope stuffed with cash at her house.

It’s obvious Mike is scared; you could see it on his face after Victor was killed and when he found Victor’s dried blood on his jacket. He’s normally too self confident and self assured to be sipping whiskey in a depressing bar in the middle of the afternoon. Mike is the only one left with direct contact to Gus, so he’s in a different position than Walt and Jesse. Walt tails Mike to the bar for a half-assed apology for the way things have gone down, and to ask, again, for a meeting with Gus. Apparently Mike isn’t the forgiving type, as Walt’s black eye and bruised ribs can attest.

All three men are going to have to figure out how to conquer their demons before everything comes to a boil and blows up in their faces.

  • In this week’s edition of Depressionville, we again see the contemptuous relationship that has developed between Hank and Marie. She can’t do anything right by Hank at the moment. He walks down the hallway to the bedroom with the assistance of a walker — a big step in his rehab — and she, giddy at the progress, offers to cook dinner. Hank, glaring forward, tells her to get out in an angry tone.
  • What is Hank going to do with all of those rocks, err, minerals anyway?
  • Apparently not even $879,000 can mend a burned bridge. They’re going to have to get creative if they want to buy that car wash for less than $20 million.
  • Saul’s TV commercials don’t inspire a lot of confidence in his legal abilities. But, man, are they funny.
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