Why “The Glades” Lost Me As A Viewer

I watched the entire first season of The Glades (A&E, Sunday 10 PM) without complaining. In fact, I’d say I enjoyed it. The storylines were good, and I wanted to see where things were going. The second season, which started over a month ago, has been supremely disappointing, and dare I say it, a poor effort.

For those of you unaware of the program, The Glades stars Matt Passmore, Kiele Sanchez, and Carlos Gomez. Passmore’s character is a detective new to Florida, working cases and making a new life for himself. The concept is nothing new or spectacular, but they made it work for season one.

The show’s second season has been disappointing for two big reasons. Let’s explore them, shall we?

The overall story arcs are good, moving the story along and keeping you interested, but the writing of dialogue and in-episode stories is quite poor. Lines aren’t predictable, but they are boring and simple. The writers feel the need to make everything obvious and as straightforward as possible. I’m sure they try to do so without making it feel inorganic, but it ends up interrupting the flow of things and ultimately feels forced.

While Passmore, Sanchez and Gomez are good enough to not detract from the show, I believe some of the regular cast members — like Michelle Hurd — and a vast majority of guest stars aren’t very good. In one episode in particular, the protagonist’s acting was bad enough that I laughed a couple of times in serious moments.

I didn’t notice the problem with the scripts or the acting until recently, and I certainly did not have a problem with them during Season One. It could be that the problems did not exist at the time, or I just wasn’t paying close enough attention; either way, the problems with the script and acting are easy to see now, and they are bad enough that I now view the show as “unwatchable.”

When you don’t have a great script, you need good actors to make things work. The Glades just doesn’t have the right combination right now, and I suspect it won’t be getting better anytime soon. Unless the show undergoes a makeover, they’ve lost me for good.

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1 Response to Why “The Glades” Lost Me As A Viewer

  1. Charles Brown says:

    I too have found this show to be VERY disappointing after a strong season one showing. I don’t know what the difference is exactly….directing, writing, acting, but I sure do know what the result is: Matt Passmore’s character is a prick. His approach to every other character in the show is that of an aggressive, judgmental, smartass. I was in law enforcement for 17 years. I’ve seen this kind of a jerk in real life and there is nothing cute, entertaining or excusable about him. Under color of law, from the safety of being behind a badge, he is abusive in every communication and uses threats and intimidation as his primary investigative tools. Like Passmore’s character, he frequently demonstrates what an illinformed and toothless threat he really is when he opens his big mouth well before he really knows what the situation entails. I could go on. I won’t. I’ve taken this show off my DVR list. I’ll watch it again if circumstance dictates. But I’ll not have a program flickering in my home that provokes me to be giving the TV the finger every time the lead character delivers a scene setting line.

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