Hell’s Kitchen Episodes 3 & 4: Drama

Another week with two(!) new episodes of Hell’s Kitchen. While that may seem like overkill, it’s hard to argue with an extra hour of Chef Ramsey berating and abusing his chefs. Hell, even Chef Ramsey’s assistants got into it this week. While the season is still far from competitive at this point — due to the fact that there are way too many incompetent chefs left on the show — the drama definitely made things interesting this week. Let’s review some of the highlights from this week’s episodes.

-We’ve reached the point of no return in the Elize/Carrie fight. The Red Team realizes this is a huge problem and Chef Ramsey kept both chefs around for next week.

-The editors pulled a fast one on us during these episodes by making it look like the Red Team had turned against Carrie. By the time eliminations came around, the entire team had shifted their focus to eliminating Elize.

-Elize is not going to be happy about these recent developments.

-It’s clear that neither Elize nor Carrie should stick around that much longer. Elize mouth is a huge problem at this point and Carrie is useless in the kitchen.

-We had a new favorite emerge this week. Natalie went to the Blue Team and immediately made an impact. Not only that, but she immediately gained the respect of every member of the Blue Team — who seemed hesitant to accept the help last week.

-Watching Chino dive around the chicken coop was one of the funniest things we’ve seen this season.

-It’s safe to say VIP night was a huge failure.

-At least the VIPs got served eventually.

-And Family Night didn’t go so well either.

-It was pretty interesting to see Chef Ramsey’s sous chefs get into it with the chefs on their teams. Chef Scott is terrifying when angry.

-It was not a surprise to see Chino leave the Blue Team. He was terrible all season, and clearly the weakest chef left on the Blue Team.

-Amanda quit on Chef Ramsey during dinner service and probably deserved to go home. It is tough to argue with keeping Carrie around, though.

-In the promos this week we were promised a “tear jerking, heart stopping, jaw breaking episode.” Next week we are getting an episode we have to “see to believe.”

Sounds like we’re in store for a lot more drama.

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