Covert Affairs: Welcome to the Occupation

As I said last week, Covert Affairs is my least favorite of the USA shows I watch. Being so, I don’t know why it compels me to write so much, but it does. I guess I see a show that could be so much better than it currently is. Though, that would involve getting rid of Annie’s character and centering the show around Auggie and Jai Wilcox — i.e. the interesting characters. Since that’s never going to happen my frustrations with the show are going to live on.

Last week we were shown just how good the show could be with the Auggie-centric episode. This week the show went right back to what has plagued it since the beginning; NO ONE CARES ABOUT THE BEN MERCER STORY ARC. His arc was the only larger arc the show had going. Without it the show was strictly episodic. He showed up too infrequently for me to care about his relationship with Annie. At least, hopefully, we won’t be seeing too much of his character anymore after Annie shoots down his island vacation idea because she’s dating a doctor. But, I doubt it. That’s another thing, Annie has apparently been seriously dating the doctor we met for two seconds a few episodes ago and haven’t seen since? Annie’s sister talks to him about marriage; how far ahead in time did we jump in the past few weeks?

With Ben seemingly gone for awhile at the end of the episode the larger story arc looks to have turned over to Jai and his father. The espionage angle has potential to be far more interesting than any case Annie is working that particular week.

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