Breaking Bad: Open House

The contrast between the marriages on this show have taken a complete 180 from the first three seasons. Hank and Marie were the steady, loving couple while Skyler and Walter grew further and further apart as Walt’s involvement in the meth trade deepened. Now, with both of them totally immersed in the meth game, Skyler and Walt are working quite well as a team. On the flip side, Hank and Marie couldn’t be more distant.

Skyler running the business side of Heisenberg Inc. leaves one less headache for Walt to deal with. He’s free to make his meth in relative peace (more on that in a bit), only being interrupted by a quick meeting about how to deal with the Romanian car wash owner. Without any involvement from Walt, Skyler manages to figure out a way to convince the car wash owner to sell to her and even negotiates her way into saving $79,000 on the deal. We knew she was totally invested in this business at the end of last season, but this just further cements it.

While the White’s are functioning well as a unit the same can’t be said for the Schrader’s. The uncomfortable, depressing vibe that every Hank and Marie scene has carried this season continues. She again tries to do something nice for him — picking up beer and a fantasy football magazine — but when she makes the grave mistake of picking up Friots instead of Cheetos he unleashes more dickish behavior toward her. Marie, like Jesse at this point, seems to be an empty shell of her former self. To get any type of thrill or enjoyment out of her life she reverts to going to open houses and making up very detailed back stories for the realtors and home owners. Being anyone besides Marie, even for a few minutes, sure beats the hell out of the current alternative. Of course, reverting back to her kleptomania tendencies from season 1 and stealing nicknacks from the houses probably isn’t the best of ideas.

As well as Walt and Skyler seem to be doing he’s still keeping a few dark secrets from her. He’s killed two men, had another man murdered, and witnessed another murder. When she makes him promise to go to the police if he’s in any danger after seeing his Mike-induced black eye I’m surprised Walt didn’t burst into laughter. Ditto when she says to Walt and Saul “We’re not about violence. That’s not who we are, right?” I assume she’ll learn everything in time.

Poor Jesse. Aaron Paul’s portrayal of this broken, messed up man has been phenomenal. He still cannot stomach being alone with his thoughts. His once nice house has transformed into a crash pad for varying degree of junkie. He’s keeping up appearances for Walt, but we can see him slipping deeper and deeper into a very dark place.

There was very little action in this episode, but many pieces continued to moved into place.

  • As smart as Walt and Gus are, Skyler is giving them a run for their money in the brains department. Her plan of convincing the car wash owner that his land was contaminated so that he would have to sell to her was brilliant. Also, hey, a bearded Bill Burr. Cool.
  • I figured it was only a matter of time before Gayle’s extensive notes on the Super Lab found their way into Hank’s hands.
  • This was the second week in a row we haven’t seen Gus. Though, he’s certainly watching Walter. He’s installed security cameras in the lab and has Victor’s replacement (Tyrus) staking out the White’s home. The Chicken Man is careful.
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