Breaking Bad: Bullet Points

Communication is important for any relationship. To keep it strong you have to be able to talk to your partner and be on the same page. Once that communication breaks down things begin to deteriorate.  However, when that doesn’t usually involve long drives in the desert with hit men.

In the world of Breaking Bad there are two major points of communication that we’re involved in this week; Skyler and Walter, and Walter and Jesse. Skyler knows a majority of what Walter is involved in, and it’s her methodical attention to detail that is going to cover up their sudden influx of cash and seemingly keep their family out of any legal trouble. While the script and acting subsequent acting lessons she gives Walt seem to annoy him, they’re absolutely necessary if they’re going to avoid any suspicion. It’s their relationship that seems to be the strongest on the show, despite the slight grudges each still hold against the other. They talk. They listen. They work things out.

We saw the despair in Jesse’s eyes last week when Walt shot down his go-kart invitation and it seemed like Walt may have picked up on it as well, possibly doing something constructive with/for him this week. Sadly for Jesse that wasn’t the case. He still isn’t able to openly communicate to anyone what it is he’s feeling, and that has lead to a whole heap of trouble for Mr. Pinkman. If he and Walt had a long sit down soon after Gayle’s death would it of made a difference? We’ll never know, but it sure couldn’t of hurt. The look on Jesse’s face as Walt forces him to retrace his actions at Gayle’s apartment is a brilliant piece of acting by Aaron Paul. You can see the deep, Silence of the Lambs style hole that puts his mind in. Of course, Jesse’s mental state is beginning to affect his work and that elicits a visit from Mike, which is never a good thing.

Although the intentions may not be pure, Walt and Hank open up a bit in the first screen time this season between Bryan Cranston and Dean Norris. Walt feigns interest in being a sounding board for Hank’s issues so he can get a look inside Gayle’s lab notebook. Hank has Gayle pegged as the elusive Heisenberg; something that must be music to Walt’s ears. At least for now. They’re little chat is more constructive than anything we’ve seen between Hank and Marie this season.

Talking things out is good. Hell, Walt even has a little therapeutic venting session in Saul’s office about all of his current issues. It helps. Hopefully for some of our characters its not too late to start.

  • What are we supposed to make of the opening scene? Mike is obviously in that truck for a reason. Were the men he killed members of the Mexican cartel? Gus obviously knew something was going to happen well in advance.
  • Driving down an empty stretch of desert road with Mike is last on my list of vacation plans.
  • Speaking of Mike, he obviously had to be sitting on Jesse’s house if they were able to apprehend the junkie who steal his bag-o-cash. He had his concerns about Jesse before even going to Gus. At least now we know who is controlling the security camera in the lab. It was likely Jesse’s flippant attitude to Mike’s threat of death against the aforementioned junkie that sealed his car riding fate.
  • Would you watch more home made music videos of Gayle singing his heart out to 80’s music? I certainly would.


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