Hell’s Kitchen: Single Digits

We’ve finally reached the midway point on Hell’s Kitchen; eighteen chefs have become nine. While it’s still pretty clear that some of the remaining contestants don’t have what it takes to win the competition, some of the former favorites look weaker than ever. With that in mind, this is a good week to take a look at each of the remaining chefs and determine their current chances to win the competition.

Carrie – Outside of the drama she creates with Elise each week, Carrie is pretty useless. I would rather see Elise go before Carrie, but no one on her team seems to want either of them around; making it pretty hard to root for Carrie. She’s constantly making mistakes in the kitchen and alienating her teammates.

Chance of winning Hell’s Kitchen: None

Elise – Elise proved that she could really cook last week, but her attitude makes her unbearable to watch each week. She definitely has some talent, but her cockiness and mouth are going to get her kicked off the show eventually. For now, she provides the fun, weekly drama that the producers crave.

Chance of winning Hell’s Kitchen: Slim to none

Elizabeth – Outside of completely screwing up the High School Reunion challenge, I can’t remember anything Elizabeth has done this season.

Chance of winning Hell’s Kitchen: None

Jamie – Jamie seems like one of the stronger chefs left in the competition, but I’m not so sure she’s all that great. She comes off as tough — and seems like she would be a good leader — but she hasn’t had a standout performance thus far. That’s not to say it can’t happen, just that it hasn’t to this point. Still, she wins points for being competent.

Chance of winning Hell’s Kitchen: Moderate

Jennifer – Here’s another chef that hasn’t had the chance to fully show what she can do in the kitchen. Jennifer hasn’t been bad, but she hasn’t had a standout performance yet. Her team did nominate her to lead the kitchen a few episodes ago, and that speaks volumes about how she is viewed in the kitchen. She could easily emerge as a favorite if she can muster up a strong performance soon.

Chance of winning Hell’s Kitchen: Moderate

Natalie – Natalie looked like one of the clear-cut favorites up until this past week. Her performance in the kitchen really sunk the Blue Team, and put some doubt in Chef Ramsey’s mind about whether Natalie can handle the pressure of running a kitchen. We know she’s a strong chef, but she needs to prove that she can bounce back. This week will be telling.

Chance of winning Hell’s Kitchen: Strong

Paul – Paul has done a fine job on the Blue Team, but has probably been overshadowed by Will and Natalie. He hasn’t had many bad performances — and seems like a vocal guy in the kitchen — so that bodes well for him going forward. He stands to benefit the most if Natalie can’t regroup this week.

Chance of winning Hell’s Kitchen: Strong

Tommy – Tommy seems to do alright in the early challenges each week, but struggles once he is thrust into the kitchen services. He’s not vocal, and seems to get flustered way too easily. He’s the next to go on the Blue Team.

Chance of winning Hell’s Kitchen: None

Will – At this point, I would have to say that Will is the favorite. He’s vocal in the kitchen, consistently puts out good food and works fairly well with his teammates. He hasn’t had any major breakdowns, and has had a few standout services (he grilled all the meats to perfection a few weeks back). If Natalie can bounce back, I think she is his biggest competition.

Chance of winning Hell’s Kitchen: Current favorite*

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