Breaking Bad: Shotgun

In the world of Breaking Bad, and more importantly big time meth distribution, someone is always watching what you do or say. You may think you’re alone, or that your actions may go unnoticed, but as we’ve seen over the past few weeks that’s never the case.

Mike had been watching Jesse’s house for awhile before he picked him up for their ride that ended last week’s episode. Gus has security cameras that Walt keeps running into, at both the Super Lab and Los Pollos Hermanos. Through Walt’s drunken, anonymous boasting at dinner he awakens two bloodhounds; Hank begins looking at Gale’s murder again and Skyler seems tipped off to the fact that Walt’s not telling her the whole truth about his job. Neither are going to have a positive outcome for our protagonist.

But let’s start with Jesse. We all knew Mike wasn’t going to kill him, no matter how big of a danger he had become. He’s too valuable to Walt. My best guess was that he was taking Jesse to some sort of rehab facility. Instead, Gus has instructed Mike to babysit Jesse, giving him little responsibilities to build up his confidence like a father would a son who’s tagging along to work. Except Mike doesn’t work at an office. He takes Jesse along to pick up the money at various drops Gus has hidden across the state for his distributors. Gus even sets up a situation for Jesse to be a hero, having two would be henchmen come up on their car while Mike is picking up another stash. It gives Jesse the confidence boost he’s needed for awhile. While that feat, and the subsequent jobs he’ll be doing with Mike, won’t erase the memory of what he did to Gale they should get him back on the right track. That’s good news for our young Mr. Pinkman.

It was sort of endearing to see Walt genuinely care for Jesse’s safety when he was under the impression that Gus had done something to harm him. Though, I’m not sure what bringing a gun into Los Pollos Hermanos and confronting Gus was would have done. Even if Gus had been in his office when Walter barged in I don’t think the chicken man would have flinched at having a gun pointed at him. As Walter realizes after seeing the cameras in the restaurant, wherever Gus is, he always sees you first. The only surprise Walt has been able to pull is having Gale killed. Walt’s biggest misstep looks to have been his drunken contradiction of Hank’s gushing over the genius of Heisenberg a.k.a Gale. Hank saying that if Heisenberg had applied his superior intellect to something constructive he could have helped humanity and taken his life in a different direction seemed to set Walt off. He had no idea of the context but that obviously applies directly to Walt, which leads our drunken meth cook to downgrade Gale’s notes as nothing but copies of a greater mastermind’s work. That sparks Hank’s interest in the case again, which leads him to the discovery of the Los Pollos Hermanos bag in the vegan Gale’s apartment.

As for Skyler, she makes the connection that Gale probably had something to do with whatever it is Walt does. Up until now Walt has failed to mention any of the violent acts he’s witnessed and committed. Those days may be over.

  • Alan Sepinwall and Dan Fienberg pointed out Mike’s cough two weeks ago on their podcast. After a cough-less episode last week, Mike does it again. Coughing is NOT good for any character on a drama.
  • I love that Walt’s frantic I-might-have-to-do-something-bad-or-be-killed-in-the-process “I love you” voice mail to Skyler gets him laid.
  • He’s obviously not happy that Skyler told Walt Jr. he was moving in even though he hadn’t given her an answer yet. He’s a meth cook who needs his privacy.
  • The time lapsed footage of Jesse and Mike driving around and picking up drops was beautifully shot. They make a wonderful odd couple.


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