Breaking Bad: Cornered

We learned last week that no action or deed goes unnoticed in the Breaking Bad-verse and the ego of Walter White is now so massive that it may ultimately lead to his downfall. Walt’s wine induced admission at the dinner table last week doesn’t hold a candle to what we saw last night. Let’s count the ways in which Walt’s massive ego rears its ugly head.

-Skyler is no fool and has figured out that Walt knew Gale in some capacity. She’s worried about his safety and once again tells him that if he’s in any kind of danger that he needs to go to the police, even knowing what it would do to their family. Walt responds, and morphs into the ugliest we’ve seen him to date. He screams and boasts that without him Gus’s massive enterprise would be nothing, adding “You think I’m in danger? I AM the danger!”

-Forcing the car wash owner to leave the framed dollar bill on the wall because he kept telling Walt the place sells “as is”, and because he’s Walt’s former boss, and then spending it on a soda.  

-After questioning Jesse about the trips he’s been taking with Mike he realizes the “robbery” that Jesse heroically thwarted last week was all a set up and that Gus is trying to drive a wedge between the two of them, exclaiming “It’s all about me!”

-When Jesse is called away and is unable to help clean the lab after a cook Walt pays three illegal immigrants working in Gus’s cleaning facility to do it for him, and smirks into the security camera while drinking his coffee. Because of Walt’s slick plan the women are deported back toHonduras.

Those instances were bad, but none are more damaging than his interactions with Walt Jr. Walt lets Walt Jr think Skyler is upset about his fake gambling addiction and adds the lines “These are choices I’ve made. Choices I stand by” to justify everything. Purchasing the Dodge Charger and not thinking of the repercussions and consequences that would have may be the stupidest thing he’s done in awhile. It would put a hole in the cover story Skyler has carefully planned out and will paint her as the bad guy once again when they’re forced to return it.

He says everything he does is to protect his family. That hasn’t been true since the first season. Walt is a changed man, and not for the better. Skyler is 100 % correct in saying “someone has to protect this family from the man who protects this family.”

He’s not in any real danger at the moment as Gus has bigger issues to deal with. The organization that attacked the Los Pollos Hermanos truck last week is smart. They changed their hijacking tactics and were savvy enough to give the product they stole to some local junkies, knowing Mike would find it, and the message they left behind. His plan to convert Jesse took an unexpected, and welcomed, turn when Jesse proved himself more valuable in handling the situation in the meth house.

With Skyler back to being furious and Jesse perhaps finding a niche with Mike, Walt may soon be running out of allies. In his line of work, that’s never a good thing.

  • No Hank or Marie this week. We have to assume Hank is still going to investigate the Los Pollos Hermanos bag that was found in Gale’s apartment.
  • It wouldn’t be an episode of Breaking Bad without an innovative camera angle. This time it was the point of view of the shovel Jesse used at the meth house.
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