Hell’s Kitchen: Six Chefs Remain

Another week; another double episode of Hell’s Kitchen. Two more chefs were eliminated this week; leaving us with only six chefs left in the competition. Still, things haven’t seemed as competitive as they should considering the number of chefs remaining. Of the six chefs left, it’s pretty clear that 2-3 will not win the competition due to various factors (poor cooking skills, poor leadership, etc). It seems as if the contestants are a bit weaker this season, unfortunately. While there’s still a chance for some tense episodes down the stretch, Chef Ramsey still has a few more chefs to eliminate before we reach that point. We’re getting close, though. Hang in there.

-There’s just no way Elise can win the competition, right? She’s definitely proven that she can cook, but her ego is still going to be her downfall. At the same time, she’s one of the better chefs left in the competition, and she’s going to stick around for a few more episodes barring a major meltdown.

-Elizabeth and Tommy seem like the next likely to be eliminated. It seems as if Tommy has consistently been the second worse chef on his team each week; which is how he’s been able to survive for so long.

-I’ve seen nothing out of Elizabeth that makes me think she can lead a kitchen effectively. She seems to skate by each week as well.

-Carrie definitely lasted much longer than expected, but I was definitely glad to see her go.

-Natalie couldn’t bounce back after a few poor services and ultimately proved she wasn’t the right choice to win the competition. She started off really strong, though, and I thought she had a legitimate chance to win the whole thing up until this week.

-Jennifer has been making a name for her self the past couple weeks. It looks like she’s going to be a major contender down the stretch run.

-With that in mind, my final three consists of Will, Paul and Jennifer right now.

-I could see Elise sneaking into the final three (in place of Will), but I still don’t think she can win the whole thing.

-Based on Will’s strong performances all season, and Jennifer’s recent surge, those two could make for a very exciting finale.

-Next week we were promised an “episode unlike any other.” Let’s see if Fox can deliver.

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