Breaking Bad: Bug

I didn’t get to finish the episode until this morning, so instead of a well thought out deconstruction of “Bug” I’m going to leave you with some thoughts on some of the major plot points that arose last night.

  • We know that Skyler is in over her head when it comes to laundering that type of money. Ringing up phantom car washes to attempt to hide the millions of dollars Walt is making just won’t work. Her old boss, one time fling and someone she cooked books for once upon a time is in trouble, and any investigation into his company’s finances would surely put the IRS on her trail. Ted needs to pay off the $600,000+ he owes and Skyler has access to that type of money. It only seems logical that she’d try to use that money to help both Ted and herself. I’m not familiar with the inner workings of the IRS so I don’t know if they’d question where Ted magically got the money to pay his back taxes, but it seems the only way out. Additionally, and I’m stealing this idea from my friend Mike Axisa, I think Skyler is going to offer to buy Ted’s company. As I mentioned before, she can’t sustain laundering large amounts of money through the car wash. If she was able to hide millions of dollars in revenue for Ted before there’s no reason she couldn’t attempt to do it again. She could take control behind the scenes and use Ted as a puppet. He’d have no reason to stop her.


  • Gus agrees to give the Cartel half of his empire and teach them how to cook the famous blue meth. My only question is why? He’s gone this long without giving in to their proposition. He’s set up the cousins’ deaths. He’s unmercifully taunted Tio about his success. He knows they can’t kill him, as evidenced by his defiant Terminator like march toward the array of bullets. Without Gus you have no access to the blue meth. So what would his incentive be, since he’s obviously not afraid of a little bloodshed? The offer is similar to the one Gus and Max pitched by the pool in the flashback in last week’s “Hermanos”. I don’t think it’s going to be as simple as sending Jesse down toMexicoto teach a cooking class.


  • We see that Jesse’s allegiance starts out firmly behind Walt but by episode’s end it’s never been more up in the air. Jesse takes offense to Gus asking him if he can reproduce Walt’s formula, believing that Gus’s intention would be to kill Walt if the answer was yes, telling the chicken man that he’d have to take both of them out if that’s the case. Walt’s paranoia and ego again cause him trouble, this time in the first altercation we’ve seen between him and Jesse. He still believes this whole thing is about him, not seeming to care at all when Jesse explains the whole Cartel angle to him. Walt’s taken for granted the level of support Jesse has shown him. He’s killed Gale, nearly killed Gushas stuck up for Walt numerous times. Even though Walt has done some good deeds by warning Gus of Hank’s plans the last two weeks, if not for Jesse it’s very likely that Walt would be dead right now. A far cry from where we were this time last season. With Jesse telling Walt to leave and never come back Walter may have lost his only ally going forward. A man with no allies doesn’t last long in that game.
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