Hell’s Kitchen: The Final Four

We may have started with 18 contestants, but now we’re finally down to the last episode of Hell’s Kitchen. The two-hour season finale will run tonight, and one chef will win their dream job. Things heated up this week, however, as Elise made a power play that rendered Jennifer useless. Elise has long been the villain of the season, but I’m not so sure she’s over-stayed her welcome at this point. For all the drama she creates, she’s actually a pretty good cook. Does she have what it takes to win this season? Let’s take a look at the remaining contestants.

Tommy – I’m not really sure how Tommy has survived this long. It’s clear that he can’t handle the pressure of working in Chef Ramsey’s kitchen just yet. He’s consistently lost during dinner services, and constantly needs help from the other contestants to get through a service. Tommy has survived by consistently being the second or third worst chef in the kitchen each week. It’s clear he won’t win the competition, but he hasn’t had a service bad enough to justify sending him home. I would expect him to struggle once he takes control of the pass tonight. I can’t see Tommy winning this thing, however.

Elise – The producers must really love Elise. While she’s been a major source of drama this season, she’s proven to be a pretty good cook. She’s a terrible leader — and she takes no responsibility for her mistakes — but she deserved to make it this far based on her cooking skills. Much like Tommy, however, she has too many flaws to actually win the competition. Chef Ramsey has clearly seen those issues at this point, and it’s just a matter of time before she leaves the kitchen for good.

Paul – Paul has been one of the strongest chefs throughout the competition. He’s been solid in individual challenges, strong in team challenges and displays pretty good leadership skills. Here’s the problem; he’s been overshadowed by Will every step of the way. Since Will is still around, Paul is going to have a hard time proving he’s the best chef in the competition. It’s not impossible for Paul to steal away the victory, but he’s going to have a hard time going against Will.

Will – Will has to be the favorite entering the finale. He’s shown everything Chef Ramsey looks for in a head chef, and he’s the most talented of all the remaining chefs. Throughout the entire competition, Will has made few mistakes all while being the most vocal member of the men’s team. If Will manages to lose tonight, he will have choked big time. It’s his competition to lose, let’s see if he can do it.

Who will win the competition? We will know tonight.

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