Breaking Bad: Crawl Space

At its core Breaking Bad is a show about good intentions, and the ramifications that come as a result. The old saying about what the road to hell is paved with never fit a show better. Our man Walter White started out with the best of intentions, cooking to protect the family he holds dear, never dreaming a year later he’d be in the crosshairs of a maniacal drug kingpin and a murderer many times over. The good intentions of others have put Walt in a near impossible position coming into the home stretch.

Aside from Walt Jr, Hank is the most innocent character on the show. He’s following up on his hunch about Gus literally with the best intentions. He’s a cop who wants to lock up someone breaking the law. It doesn’t get much more black and white than that. Yet, thanks to Walt’s good intentions, and his own investigative mind, Hank once again finds himself in harm’s way, albeit with another heads up that danger is coming. Skyler’s intentions aren’t as pure as Hank’s. Giving Ted – RIP – the money was self serving but was also meant to keep the IRS away from digging into her, and by extension Walt’s, lives. Of course, just when she gets rid of the money, Walt needs it to pay off the Breaking Bad equivalent of Winston Wolf, climaxing in a creep-fest of crying, laughing and horrified looks.

These final two episodes feel more like a finale to a series rather than a season. You have the baddest bad guy TV has seen in a long, long time, zeroing in on the series protagonist and his innocent brother-in-law, not to mention the wrath that he’ll rain down on his family. We know there are 16 more episodes after this season, so something has to happen to spare the life of Walt, if not Hank too. The pure evil that resides inside Gus Fring is absolutely terrifying and something that I believe will have to be conquered by seasons end. When, and how, he said he would kill Walt’s infant daughter sent chills down my spine. At the same time, I admire his meticulousness and cautious nature. Who else would have a full on MASH unit in a Mexican warehouse stocked with his, Mike’s and Jesse’s blood and full medical history on the off chance that something went wrong at Don Eladio’s? The man takes no chances.

As for Jesse, he has Walt’s life spared but still can’t stand the sight of his one time mentor. He’s the cook now and seems happy going to work and coming home to spend time with his girlfriend and her son. That seems like a good plan now, but where does it end? Are you going to cook for Gus forever? Once you work for Gus there’s only one way you leave, unless someone pleads with him to spare your life and I don’t see anyway doing that for Jesse. He’s currently the most fascinating character because we have no idea which way he’ll side in all of this. Right now his allegiance seems firmly on the Gus side of the room, but will that change by seasons end?

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