Breaking Bad: End Times

If you were so inclined you and a friend could have a Lincoln vs Douglas style debate as to who has been a more sick and twisted individual, Walt or Gus. Each is responsible, be it indirectly or not, for dozens of deaths; some of which would leave the most hardened criminal in a state of shock.

This time whoever is responsible for Brock’s poisoning, and one of them almost certainly is, may go down as the biggest scum bag in TV history. Yes, even ahead of the loathsome Stringer Bell.

That’s my main takeaway from this episode. Yes, Hank convinced his partner to take a look around the warehouse the Super Lab is under and isn’t convinced the place is clean even with the photographic evidence that on the outside it is. Two questions are central to the episode: Who really poisoned Brock? And how did Gus know his car was rigged to blow?

We’re lead to believe by Walt’s convincing pleading that it was Gus and not him who poisoned Brock and that Gus is trying to play Jesse against him to get Jesse to sign off on his murder. That does make sense, but Walt is a weasel that can wear any hat necessary to appease his current company. Could Walt have poisoned Brock knowing that this situation would arise, allowing him to remind Jesse — in hopes that he’ll once again form an alliance — that Gus has no problem killing children and certainly has the motive to try and pit Jesse against Walt? He’s a genius chemist who no doubt could whip up some home made concoction, so it’s not impossible.

Gus clearly has the motivation as Walt so perfectly explains with the barrel of a gun pressed against his forehead. He also has access to poison as we saw two weeks ago. The only issue with both of those scenarios is how the poison was actually administered. The Walt theory is a really interesting one but I don’t see how he could have possibly given it to Brock. On the other hand, Gus has henchmen who will do whatever he asks so I can see Tyrus sneaking into the kitchen one night and tampering with Brock’s food.

Now comes the question of what exactly tipped Gus off to his suddenly explosive Volvo. My guess is that Jesse let one too many words slip out in the chapel when standing his ground against the Chicken Man. Gus had to pick up on something, — perhaps the strange way Jesse said “he was poisoned”. Either way, Gus knows. Frankly, I’m surprised he took Tyrus and his driver into the hospital. He’s always been a much more careful man than that. As Walt laments to Jesse, and I’m paraphrasing, “Gus has always been 10 steps ahead of me in this.” It seems like now he’s taken the 11th, which should make for one hell of a finale.

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  1. Geoff Widdison says:

    Jesse’s original guess that Walt poisoned Brock “to get back at me” is patently ridiculous, but the other two possible explanations aren’t much better. Either Walt is right and Gus found out about the ricin and used it to poison a kid he’d never met on the assumption that Jesse would assume Walt was responsible, even though there’s no reason Walt would do that. OR Walt convinced Saul to have Huell steal the ricin, somehow tracked down and poisoned a child he’d never met and ended up with a gun to his head. And why? Because he assumed that Jesse would figure out that he was responsible, and hoped that he could convince Jesse that Gus did it in order to make him think that Walt did it. Confused yet? Me too.

    Both of those plans are ridiculously and unnecessarily complicated and rely far too much on predicting people’s unpredictable reactions. Both Walt and Gus should have bee able to come up with something better. I hope there’s another explanation, because either of those would disappoint me,

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