The Walking Dead: Chupacabra

I enjoy ‘The Walking Dead’. Really, I do. Like ‘Treme’, which I adore and admire, it moves along like a canoe without a paddle, allowing the viewer to take in the scenery as we drift forward. Both shows take place after tragedy occurs, allowing us to follow a specific group of people as they make their way in a vastly different world. Each week I enjoy the time I spend with these characters, but I also understand the criticism that both shows face.

Some don’t like the slow pacing of the shows. They need more direct and quicker plot lines. I was perfectly content to watch Delmond and Albert jam out with jazz legends and bicker along the way to no real resolution. I didn’t feel it needed one. I have the same feeling about our merry band of post-apocalyptic travelers. They can plod along all episode, never really doing anything and still I enjoy it. As I wrote last week, the group has been whittled down to the essential cast. We’ve gotten to know them, if not necessarily care about them. This episode mostly sticks to that plan, with one big exception.

Shane continues to smolder but finally vents his frustrations about this whole situation to Rick. He’s still clearly affected by what he did to Otis. “She only matters to the degree that she doesn’t drag the rest of us down”, he says to Lori. That seems to be his not necessarily wrong motto in this new world. While Shane is doing his best emo impression, Darryl makes a breakthrough in the woods in finding Sophia’s doll, but has a near death experience along the way. His two falls, subsequent limp and squirrel blood smeared on his mouth after a mid-afternoon snack make him look like a walker to Andrea perched on the RV ~100 yards away. Unfortunately for him she doesn’t heed the group’s screaming advice to not shoot and grazes Darryl’s temple. Rough day for our favorite country bumpkin.

Hershel has been pretty standoffish outside of operating on Carl. He’s made it clear numerous times that Rick and his group are not welcome to stay. It seemed strange at first, until Glen’s horndoggary stumbled upon a pretty large secret in the hayloft. I have a few questions here 1) No one has tried to go in there? I’d think a large hayloft would be an ideal resting place for Rick and his group instead of their shanty town by the RV. 2) Who are those walkers? Were they family members of Hershel and crew that they can’t bare to kill off? Random walkers they found and are holding for some reason? Is there something special/evil about them? Hershel doesn’t seem to be so perfect after all.

The pace may be slow but we’ve at least got more intrigue heading into next week.

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