The Walking Dead: Secrets

Last week I compared The Walking Dead to Treme, a show I enjoy despite its lack of a plot. That may have been a bit premature. While I still enjoy The Walking Dead, thanks to last night’s episode, I’m starting to inch closer and closer to the side of the dissenters who see the show as a snooze fest.

Instead of giving it a full breakdown I’m going to give brief explanations of what I liked and didn’t like about “Secrets”. The reviews will probably remain this way until the show does something to warrant otherwise.

-The title of the episode doesn’t leave much to the imagination. Secrets. They’re going to be exposed.

-The only character that’s had any sort of interesting story arc this season has been Darryl and he had about two seconds of screen time as he recovered from his wounds. Hopefully he does something worthwhile next week.

-I was right in my assumption that the walkers Hershel is keeping in the barn were people he knew, though his reason for keeping them is a bit different. If he really believes those people are just sick, and in that case curable, he’s sadly mistaken. Rick and his group have seen what those “people” can do. Once they’re bitten they cease being your wife or daughter anymore. My real question is why this is a big secret? If there’s no chance of the walkers escaping the barn then why not tell Rick’s group? Keeping secrets like that is no way to make friends, not that Hershel wants to.

-We had a Chekov’s Gun moment with Andrea and Shane at the shooting range. You don’t have a character berate another about their shooting skills unless those skills are going to be used later in the episode. The berating worked as Andrea calmly took down walker after walker.

-This Shane storyline needs to go somewhere. Fast. We get it, he has a screw loose. All we’ve gotten from it is a thinly veiled threat against Dale, who seems to be smarter than everyone else in that camp combined.

-So far “Lori’s Choice” has been utterly boring. She took the pills…wait!…she stuck her finger down her throat. It’s cool, everyone. Also, Rick seems entirely too understanding about her confession that she was with Shane.

-This week T-Dog is eating a peach. Last week he was pulling Glen out of a well. What will they have him to next!?

-I’ve enjoyed the work Steven Yeun is putting in as Glenn. They haven’t given his character much to do until the last few episodes but he’s done the best with what he’s had. Plus, he gets to make out with the one attractive female character, so, there’s that.

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