Friday Night Lights, Season 3, Episode 5

Instead or flooding Twitter with my thoughts during each episode of Friday Night Lights I watch I figured I’d post my them in a central location for all to read.

Oh, Street’s still alive? Can he go away again?

I admire Coach not wanting to bench Matt.

Tim Riggans is giving career advice to Street? This can’t go well.

Coach telling Matt JD is going to start seems like the hardest thing he’s had to say.

Landry is listening to power ballads? Too perfect

I wonder if Favre called his pills “cowboy candy”?

Billy is doing business with the meth dealer? This should go well.

Buddy Garrity was likable in season 2, but is going down the opposite path in season 3.

Matt venting to coach is great and a much needed moment.

Street’s girl is moving East? Damn

Don’t you need to be 18 to get a tat? Or have your parent’s permission?

“Nobody likes grape jelly.” GET OUT MATT. GET OUT FOREVER

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3 Responses to Friday Night Lights, Season 3, Episode 5

  1. Barry Lillie says:

    What is the power ballad that Landry is listening to?

  2. Erik Hahmann says:

    The recap is from November, 2011. I don’t know.

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