Friday Night Lights, Season 3, Episode 6

-Nice to see Landry’s music career is still alive.

-As the title indicates, it’s not easy to be J.D.

-How much is the Tim Riggans Tour of Dillon?

-How does Riggans get gas money?

-Matt’s Grandma berating Coach Taylor was hilarious.

-Seems about right that Billy would nail his hand to the wall

-Cash has baby momma drama? Ut oh.

-The skeptical tone in Coach’s voice when talking to Street was priceless.

-Landry’s gonna be smitten with his new band member isn’t he?

-Tim Riggans would be a good life coach.

-A drunken McCoy. Ut ohs.

-His Dad made him apologize to coach? Come on now. Coach isn’t going to be upset I don’t think.

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