Friday Night Lights, Season 3, Episode 7 & 8

-Selling Garrity’s house yourself, Street? Asking for trouble.

-Mrs. Coach looks good in a pencil skirt.

-Who talks about pubic hair with your parent’s in the car? The Garrity clan has changed in Cali.

-For being a social outcast in most situations, Landry gets his share of girls.

-Coach is going to ream J.D.’s dad a new one eventually.

-Buddy Garrity is like a yo-yo of emotions. One minute you loathe him, the other you empathize.

-Mrs. Coach is the best saleman for Eric.

-Landry’s new band member is a lesbian? Damn.

-That open house scene was fantastic. And fantastically awkward.

-I hope we have a scene where J.D. punches his Dad in the face.

-Excellent highlight reel put together by Street.

Season 3, Episode 8

-That seems like an awfully big house for a football coach and a principal in a small town to afford.

-Yo, Mac, get your ass up.

-Riggans in New York is comedy gold.

-Street didn’t make an appointment? What the shit.

-You could hear Street’s heart break into a million pieces in that sport agent’s office.

-Asking a cowboy in his early 20’s to be faithful while traveling for six months at a time is a bit much.

-Coach isn’t upset that Riggans has missed days of practice?

-Coach needing Aspirin after throwing to Matt? Ha.

-Tyra’s dropping out in her senior year to travel around with a cowboy? Gimmie a break.

-Riggans basically saying good bye to Street. Awwwwwwww.

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