Friday Night Lights Season 3, Episodes 11 and 12

-Calling Lila “Beer Wolf” was a nice touch by Riggans.

-Scenes with Matt’s Grandma get sadder and sadder every year. But, hey, more Kim Dickens.

-I’m glad they didn’t make J.D. into an asshole.

-Matt’s going to learn the hard way that he isn’t cut out for this anymore.

-I could do with a lot less Lila.

-Matt loves his Mom and that is good news for us Kim Dickens fans.

-I still love that THE place in town to celebrate is Applebees.

-J.D.’s Dad…if I used “smh”, ever, this would be the time.

Episode 12:

-You can’t ignore abuse charges, Coach and Mrs. Coach. Ask Penn State.

-Riggans is an X-Men fan?

-Hey, Mac’s back

-Landry’s going to be the one to miss the bus to state? He’s the irresponsible one for a change instead of Tyra.

-Tyra’s college essay was beautiful.

-Is J.D.’s pouting going to give Matt a chance at QB one last time at state?

-They can’t win another state title like this can they?

-To answer that question, no. That would have been too much, even for a television drama.

-I want Kyle Chandler to give me a pep talk like that every day.




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