Friday Night Lights, Season 3, Episodes 9 and 10

-Riggans freaking loves his truck

-Matt looks like the best receiver in Panther history

-Cash looks to be in some debt. That’s shocking.

-Man, Matt’s got burdens no one should have to carry.

-A girl named Tim Riggans probably wouldn’t be the best idea, Billy.

-I’ve seen a lot of people on TV kick people out of their car on the side of the road. Does that ever happen in real life?

-It’s almost like leaving school to chase rodeos with your cowboy boyfriend was a bad idea.

-Matt as the savior at wide receiver is nice and all, but it isn’t like he’s Wes Welker. He’s 5’9 and slow.

-Any time we can have more Kim Dickens on screen I’m all for it.

-Now Cash is abusive? Great.

-Buddy’s admission of “I don’t have any friends” was funny as hell.

Episode 10

-J.D. interacting with girls should be fun to watch.

-Garrity throw down!

-I’m not sure who I feel worse for, Coach, Matt, or Julie.

-J.D.’s Dad is going to punch out any girl who comes near him, isn’t he?

-Buddy used Lila’s college money on that shady investment? Jesus.

-The talk Julie and Tami are having is brutal. We’ve all been there.

-Getting Landry’s band that gig is probably the nicest thing she’s ever did for anyone.

-I know all coaches wear headsets now, but who exactly is Eric talking to on the sidelines? His other coaches are right next to him.

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