Friday Night Lights: Season 3 Finale

-Coach has contract issues? That smells of J.D.’s Dad and Wade Aikman who somehow stayed on staff even after Mac returned.

-Matt’s Grandma is going into a home? She’s really self aware of her issues, at least.

-“I’m sure you know what you can do with that opportunity.” Coach Taylor is the best.

-Do they sell “The Landing Strip” t-shirts anywhere?

-Matt knows what it must feel like for a parent to drop their kids off at college.

-Tim Riggans, natural born mechanic, Billy…not so much

-Good for you, Tyra.

-White tux and a white cowboy hat? Nice touch, Billy

-East Dillon High? Word?

-Riggans is the best character on the show, bar-none.

-It’s a sweet choice Matt’s making, but it’s 100% the wrong one for his future.

-Good for Billy talking some sense into Tim. Stay in school, dummy.

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