Friday Night Lights, Season 4, Episode 1

-These open tryouts for East Dillon should go well

-It’s only a matter of time before Buddy goes to fund the Easy Dillon team.

-Riggins…you idiot. And you’re littering?

-Parents are assholes, man.

-J.D. has turned into a douche, eh? And Matt still has anger issues?

-Matt’s Grandma making fun of Landry is the funniest moment in sometime.

-A lot of players just up and quit because Coach is pushing them hard? What the shit

-Landry’s going to have to step up and be an emotional leader for this new group, isn’t he?

-It’s almost like putting a team together from scratch wasn’t going to work.

-That being said,  I don’t think Coach has ever been as proud of a group of players as he was after that first game.




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