The Walking Dead: Pretty Much Dead Already

Our gang of travelers have spent what seems like an eternity on Hershel’s farm. He wants them gone, and even though Rick pleads with him to reconsider due to Lori’s pregnancy, Shane’s exploits at the barn likely put the final nail in the coffin. I wouldn’t let a lunatic with access to firearms that directly disobeyed an order I hold so highly live amongst my family and friends. Shane embodies all that is wrong on the show. Even though his actions may have been costly in terms of the big picture, it doesn’t mean he was wrong. He was correct, Sophia was lost. He was also correct in killing the walkers in the barn, despite the ramifications it will surely bring.

Nothing else that happened in the episode was remotely interesting so let’s skip right to the ending. How long had Sophia been in that barn? While they were wrangling the walkers in the swamp Hershel told Rick that Otis was the one who usually did this. Since Otis has been dead for a few episodes now, and I’m assuming each episode represents one day, Sophia has been in that barn for awhile. That leads me to a few questions; Otis was aware of their search for Sophia wasn’t he? The group lost Sophia before they got to the farm, yes? If Otis found a little girl walker stuck in the mud in the swamp, wouldn’t that have set off some bells? I’m assuming he would have told Hershel about any walkers he found. There are a lot of holes in that storyline that need to be answered.

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One Response to The Walking Dead: Pretty Much Dead Already

  1. Jon Williams says:

    I still enjoyed the 1st half of season two, although I agree with most of your points. I think the storylines would be stronger if they stuck a little closer to the comic stories they are based on. After the first 91 issues Shane is long dead (he never made it to Hershel’s farm) and Sophia still lives. I do like some of the changes but I think they’re playing up drama a bit much at the expense of the action. Still, I’m looking forward to the rest of the season.

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