Justified: Cut Ties

Last week’s episode centered around one of the two new big bads for season 3. Neal McDonough plays a villain more naturally that ninety nine percent of actors in the world, so I figured his transition would be seamless. Conversely, I had some initial concern when I heard Mykelti Williamson was playing the other big bad. I’ve never seen him play anything but a kind hearted character. If his first scene is any indication of things to come, my concerns will be erased in short order.

We only meet Williamson’s “Limehouse” in the closing scene, but wow, what a freaking impression he left. In a word, he’s scary. There’s something inherently terrifying about a butcher carving up meat while giving a long monologue. It reminded me of the famous “I aint buildin’ no bookcase” scene from Boardwalk Empire. Wynn Duffy and the Carpetbagger were absent the entire episode which makes me wonder how they’re going to split up the screen time between all of the badasses that roamHarlanCounty.

I feel silly for correctly guessing that Boyd got sent to prison on purpose but failing to realize it was to confront Dickie Bennett. Instead of avenging the shooting of Ava, Boyd is after the large sum of money Mags had stashed away. My favorite scene in the episode, naturally, was the conversation between Raylan and Boyd in prison. Raylan is no fool and sees through Boyd’s little scheme and puts his release in motion and sends Dickie to solitary. Of course, it takes one crooked guard and one very large swastika tattoo to put Boyd in the position he needs. Dickie, at shiv point, confesses that Limehouse has the money thanks to Mags owing him some kind of hillbilly debt. A Boyd v Limehouse subplot promises to be very interesting.

This week’s stand alone arc wasn’t especially compelling, but it did allow Art some impressive character development. We mostly see him sitting behind a desk, cleaning up Raylan’s messes and drinking bourbon. Watching him in the field, showing the skills that allowed him to become the boss, was a welcomed sight. As much as I love me some Carla Gugino, and my goodness did she look good, I didn’t especially enjoy her appearance as Goodall, aka Karen Sisco. It’s not that she wasn’t good – she was – but her character didn’t have much to do. Beating up a Bostonian and flirting with Raylan are great, but Gugino is a better actress, and “Goodall” a better character than to be used in such a minimal fashion. Hopefully the longing look she gave Raylan as he kissed Wynonna are enough to bring her back at some point.

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