Justified: The Devil You Know

Harlan is overrun with criminals. Some smart, some stupid, some very stupid, and some in between. Like with most business, Social Darwinism prevails as the dumbest of the criminals get eliminated, or close to it, in this episode. The three alpha dogs keep on trucking along, demolishing everything in their path. At some point worlds have to collide, both with Raylan and each other.

Bad Guy Update:

Carpetbagger: Bat shit crazy. Trying to recruit Devil is…curious. Did he really want Devil’s help, or was it some sort of ploy to try and get closer to Boyd’s organization? Either way, R.I.P., Devil. GET I GET AN AHMEN?

Boyd: Controlled. He didn’t have much to do this week, and needs to find someone else to do his dirty work, but, as usual, seems to know exactly what he’s going to do. He’ll be particularly upset if Mags fortune is indeed gone.

Limehouse: Deflating. If we’re going to believe what he tells Dickie, Mags didn’t have as much stowed away as imagined, nearly all of it used in buying up land in the Black Pike deal. $46k is a lot less than the three million Dickie was expecting

Duffy: Absent. Perhaps

Crooked Guard: Idiotic. Raylan isn’t foolish enough to believe that Dickie Bennett and Dewey Crowe are savvy enough to break out of prison. He’s assuming that Dickie can roll up to Limehouse, claim the money, and then steal it from him? What kind of plan is that? As for his doctor buddy, what does he plan to do with Dewey? He’s literally of no use to anyone. He better have a really good idea to go along with that tarp.

Raylan and Boyd Conversation: Informative. The dialogue between the two are always the highlights of the show for me. Raylan’s story about Limehouse cold-cocking Arlo is delivered wonderfully. As is Boyd’s inflection when he says asks Raylan why he had a conversation with Limehouse earlier that day. As he’s wont to do, Boyd helps Raylan a bit, while helping himself, telling him how Dickie likely escaped.

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