Justified: Thick as Mud

Once again Raylan took a back seat to the more pressing matters at hand, spending most of the episode on mop up duty thanks to Dewey’s need-money-for-kidneys rampage. Even when he isn’t the main focus of the hour his scenes are usually the ones I enjoy the most. Last week it was his conversation with Boyd in Johnny’s bar, this week it was the good natured flirting with Layla the nurse, played by Maggie Lawson of Psych fame, and the running gag with the local police about their door smashing infatuation. Let’s talk about that last scene, though.

Earlier we saw Winona being a bit too understanding about Raylan’s absence in the house hunting/moving/baby triangle. The letter he opens in the kitchen has to be from her, right? I can’t imagine anyone else being able to stop him in his tracks, head down with a sullen look on his face. She told him she can’t feel about anyone else the way she feels about him. If the letter was from her, what could it have said?

A few more things before we get tot he bad guy update of the week.

-The look on Raylan’s face after the local police officer told him they’d have to break the door down if he couldn’t talk Dewey out of the storage room was amazing. It was set up by the cop in the motel room wanting to use a battering ram on both doors while looking for Lance. That was wonderful.

-Dewey, after urinating for the first time all day after Raylan’s suggestion, showing he did indeed have both his kidneys, likely gave the best line of his run on the show; “You mean I have four kidneys?”


Bad Guy Update:

Carpetbagger: Aware. Boyd and crew sent a message that was received loud and clear by our favorite suited northerner, the now named Quarles. He realizes Boyd is no fool, but I wonder how sincere his invitation to partner up is.

Boyd: Mournful. He shot and killed a friend in Devil. That would make any of us a bit sad, even if it was a necessary action. His mourning doesn’t last long, however, as he intercepts some oxy intended for Quarles, sending a message that should lend itself to some action going forward.

Limehouse: Deceitful. Most villains are . He lied to Dickie about the three million dollars and has an informant, that looks to be Tucker’s crush, inside Quarles’ circle. The sooner Limehouse, Quarles and Boyd can get intertwined the better.

Duffy: Still gone. I miss me some Jere Burns.

Crooked Guard: Dead. Before dying being murdered via stroke he spilled everything to Raylan and got to deliver the line of the episode; “What do you know about kidneys?” “They’re the Cadillac of beans.”

Prison Nurse: Also dead. I’m glad he didn’t actually take Dewey’s kidneys. The initial thought that he may have was one of the more disturbing things I’ve seen on TV in a long time. It seemed something of a stretch for a show like Justified. Stick to guns and poison moonshine. Leave the organ harvesting to Dexter. I don’t do well with blood, though.

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