Thoughts on The Walking Dead

Note: If you haven’t seen last week’s episode then stop reading right now. Major spoilers below.


Finally. They finally did it. Not since the pilot has this show had an episode that lived up to just how excellent this show can be. A post-apocalyptic world where the undead roam free and everyone fights for survival on a daily basis should have more drama than the show has presented to this point.


I reviewed every episode of the first half of season two, but stopped after Sophia came out of the barn in the mid-season finale. The show was boring, and painful to watch at times. There was too much meandering around a farm and not enough character development or action. It seems like much of that was the doing of former show runner Frank Darabont, but with him out of the picture and the duties passed on to Glen Mazzara, the show seems to be heading in the right direction. Shane is dead, and while that may have been the plan all along under Darabont, we’ll never know. He wasn’t happy that Shane died much earlier in the novels and seemed to enjoy pitting him against his best friend and partner, Rick. What I’m thinking, and hoping, happened was Mazzara changed the course of the show when he took over, re-writing what he deemed necessary. Shane dying was necessary to the series heading forward.


Our survivors are now faced with three dilemmas; the group of 30 or so men living a few miles outside of the farm, the enormous group of walkers seemingly headed directly for the farm, and the fact that you now don’t have to be bitten to turn into a walker. The show hasn’t had much conflict, but that should change going forward. Plus, it might give T-Dogg something to do.


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