Justified: ‘Measures’, A Live Blog

-This bartender chick is alright. She’s got spunk. Though I do wonder how long she’s going to let Raylan keep attracting trouble, and busting skulls in her bar.

-”Bartender doesn’t make a good witness”. “What’s wrong with him?” “Her.” “Oh, Jesus, Raylan.”

-Quarles (Neal McDonough) is fucking insane.And I love it.

-Everyone wants Dickie Bennett. Likely for the first time in his life, and for the wrong reasons.

-Mr. Quarles visits a drug dealer.Of COURSE it ends in him shooting one and going all Pulp fiction on the other. “What a dick” he says as his die gets bloodied.

-Dickie finds out from Ellie Mae that Limehouse keeps his money buried under the church. Not the most reliable sources.

-Art and Raylan make a fantastic comedic duo.

-Duffy trying to negotiate his future. I’m glad. he’s a great character and a fantastic actor.

-Quarles aka Sled Dog. Mark that one down.

-Tim loves his string cheese.

-Duffy and the Detroit mob find Quarles tied up buddy.

-Art! Art! Art! Leg shot extraordinaire.

-The senior Tonnin is Evan Mendes’ editor in “Hitch”.

-Duffy v Crowder is dialogue gold.

-”His initials are Boyd Crowder.” Fantastic.

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