Mad Men: “A Little Kiss” Live Blog

-Throwing water at minorities. The new national pastime.

-Don, still a broken soul inside, despite putting on a good face for the kids.

-Cooper is the BEST.

-To be fair, a dancing bean wouldn’t make me want to eat it either.

-It’s going to be really interesting to see how they portray the civil rights movement and the growing acceptance of the gay culture.

-Sterling’s date with the line of the night “Why don’t you look like him?”

-As usual, Don hates being the center of attention. He told Megan about Dick Whitman? That didn’t take long.

-Layne, not trusting the black cabbie with the lost wallet. You’re better than that, Layne.

-Roger is…testy and Pete is still petulant.

-This show can be hilarious at times. Harry Crane in the coffee room being a prime example.

-This Layne storyline is slightly interesting, but doesn’t seem like it’s needed.

-”Well well well, there’s my baby. And move that brat out of the way.” I’m sure that was intentional by Roger.

-We know Don likes it rough and kinky from the hooker last season. Apparently Megan knows that now, too.

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