Justified: Coalition, A Live Blog

The look on Boyd’s face when dickey Bennett came into the bar was priceless.

Quarles is really comfortable with smoking those pills. LIke a trained junkie.

I don’t know how Boyd wears a peacoat all the time in the Kentucky summer.

Limehouse pegs Boyd’s plan to a T. He really does have eyes and ears all over.

“At the end they pull the curtain back, turns out the guys kind of a pussy.” –Raylan on the Wizard of Oz.

Boyd figures it out rather quickly that Errol and Limehouse were trying to set Boyd up.

The Arlo senility storyline is one I don’t care too much about.

Was Dickie’s plan to throw Johnny the cue ball and attack him when he dropped it? What a terrible plan.

Limehouse is all about protecting that three million.

Damn, I liked officer Tom.

Quarles is gone, burned, and now wanted for the murder/attempted murder of a law enforcement officer. And he has Boyd as a hostage? Ut oh.

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