Mad Men: Mystery Date Live Blog

Awkward elevator rides are awkward.

That copy room seems like a fun work place.

I really wish Joan’s husband — the rapist — had died in Vietnam. Yes, that’s what i’ll be referring to him as.

It sucks for Joan, or at least she thinks that at the moment, but hooray to Greg going back to ‘Nam.

This Ginsberg kid is a terrific salesman, though they can be good and bad at SCDP.

For someone thats worried about his place in the company, Roger sure isn’t trying very hard.

Peggy, master negotiator. “Do you want me to take your watch?” Brilliant.

Don’s old fling is way hotter than Megan. If Don was healthy would he have rushed her out like that?

Sally is really interested in the Speck murders. Weird kid who’s only going to get weirder.

Oh, rapist. Silly, stupid, but brave, rapist. See ya later.

Oops, well, sick Don is weak. We don’t want him to be reformed, though, do we?

Drunk Peggy is my favorite Peggy.

Hey, Grandma, way to scare the shit out of Sally and give her pills. Awesome.

That Peggy scene with the black secretary was brilliant.

Did Don just murder her? Was that a flu-infused dream? Is there a dead slut under the bed?

Did Joan just call him out for forcing himself on her in the office? If so, good.

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