Justified Finale: Slaughterhouse

Trooper Tom 😦

“I heard a cop in a hat got shot.” -Arlo. Even when he’s off his meds he can be funny.

Jere Burns, Wynn Duffy, is the master of facial expressions.

Raylan playing Harlan Roulette with Duffy…amazing.

My bank transactions are usually less tense than this.

A quick draw with two pistols is a bit more effective than a meat cleaver.

Quarles, alone with two teenage boys in a van *gulp*

I hope Harlan has a suitable Motel 6 or something for Errol.

Johnny is working with Limehouse? Jesus, that’s not smart. What do you think you’re gonna do in a wheelchair?

Ava, not the world’s best madam after all.

Quarles’ giggling about Limehouse’s piggy bank may be my favorite moment of the season.

I didn’t think Trooper Tom would have let Quarles shoot him. It seemed too quick.

Holy shit. I don’t think reaching for your arm is going to bring it back, Quarles.

Arlo, slightly crazy, yet crazy enough to know he’s protecting Boyd’s ass. He’s the son he always wanted, yet never got with Raylan. Made even more clear when it’s revealed Arlo thought he was aiming at Raylan.

I’ll have more, and better constructed, thoughts on the season as a whole this weekend.

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