Mad Men: Far Away Places

Howard Johnson’s is a big draw in the ‘60s? Who knew.

Love the transition from Peggy lighting up a smoke to her saying “the fire is primal.”

Stern talkin’ Peggy. She may be right buuuuuuut that’s not the best approach.

That’s the fourth vice for Peggy in under five minutes. So far we have cigarettes, drinking, weed and sex. Is she going to gamble next?

I’m naming my next fantasy team “fact finding boondoggle.”

Roger on LSD in Timothy Leary’s apartment. More of that, please. I could watch another 10 hours of Roger going through life tripping his balls off.

Roger may be falling out of relevancy in his professional life, but he’s still smart as hell and figures out his marriage is over rather cleverly.

I really enjoyed the storytelling aspect of this episode.

Don fucking loves Orange Sherbet.

“Why don’t you call your mother!” may be the cruelest thing anyone has ever said to Don.

No appearance from Pete this week. Shame, I wanted to see if he had any battle wounds.

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