Mad Men: Lady Lazarus

Nice train ride. For a rare time on the show, Pete isn’t the douchiest guy on screen.

Roger flattering Pete is curious at best. Though it did provide us with the chance to see Pete fumble with the skis.

We’ve been pretty much Pete-less for two episodes. He’s better in small doses. Though, he isn’t good under emotional pressure.


Glad to see things are back to being dysfunctional in the Draper love life.

Megan with no makeup is a bit scary.

I can’t believe that Don is so understanding of Megan’s acting aspirations.

Ginsberg is the best. The BEST.

Harry Crane is hung like a horse? Who knew.

What the hell is Pete doing? He’s going to get murdered by a life insurance salesman. The irony…


Don and Peggy don’t make a good fake married couple.

Don listening to the Beatles is amazing in so many ways.

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