Angel, “Sense & Sensitivity” (S1E6)

“Sense & Sensitivity” is probably my favorite episode of Angel so far. We start with Cordelia and Doyle complaining that Angel isn’t grateful enough for their help, that he doesn’t ask how their days have gone, and so forth. We quickly pick up with Kate, Angel’s hot cop friend, who needs help tracking down a mobster, dubiously named “Little Tony.” In a nod to the fact that this is an LA show, Little Tony is actually Armenian, though I loved that Steve Schirripa, best known as Bobby Bacala in The Sopranos, played a nameless henchman for like 30 seconds.

Anyway, Angel does track down Little Tony, helps Kate capture him, and then the action begins. I liked this because you figure that the story was going to be Angel finding Little Tony. Instead, that’s the inciting incident, and what we get is a sensitivity trainer with magical powers who brainwashes the entire police precinct into having feelings and expressing them, thus somehow letting Little Tony out of jail so he can kill Kate. Angel rescues her despite being under the influence of this sensitivity trainer himself (see how that worked out from the teaser?).

Why is this so good? I’m not even sure. The evil law firm of Wolfram & Hart was involved, of course, which is always fun because of how absurdly over-the-top they are. Maybe it was just the ending? Let’s talk about the ending. Through the course of Kate being overly sensitive, she gives a speech at her father’s retirement party (he’s a cop, of course). The speech starts out well enough, but quickly ends up blaming him for his failings as a father, etc. etc. So what’s the final scene? Reconciliation/apology by her father the next day, right? Nope. Dad shows up to the precinct, tells her never to embarrass him like that again, and walks out. Brutal. Completely brutal, and actually caught me off-guard. Thanks, Tim Minear.


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