Mad Men: Christmas Waltz

-Lane Pryce needs money for what now?

-“Bazooka Joe” is a great nickname for the Jaguar guy.

-Holy crap Paul Kinsey. The beard! It’s gone.

-Oh Lane Lane Lane. Your ass is going to get bitten, hard.

-The only Roger better than a drunk Roger is a high Roger.

-Broadway isn’t for Don.

-Paul Kinsey writing a spec script for Star Trek is one of the most amazing things.

-Also, angry Joan is the best Joan.

-Harry is the dumbest.

-“How many times have I left you alone with a card from another man.” That may be the saddest thing that’s ever come out of Roger’s mouth.

-Roger, gets right to the point.

-Looks like Megan’s little fit did the trick on Don’s creative juices.

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