Mad Men: The Other Woman

-Peggy’s lobster envy stare is the best.

-Is Pete going to try and pimp Joan out to sell Jaguar? She would split him in two if given the chance.

-Peggy really is turning into Don. That spur of the moment pitch was brilliant.

-This seems like a really, really odd storyline for MadMen to broach.

-Pete is still a creep, at home and at the office.

-Joan’s Mom is horrible. Don is horrible. Everyone is horrible.

-WHOA, Joan is throwing the fucking hammer down. What the hell.

-Fred! Now all we need is the return of Sal.

-Hopefully Don is going to take a stand.

-And he did…and she still went over to his hotel. God dammit.

-Don acting like he cares that Megan didn’t do well at her audition is the best acting he’s done all season.

-So Peggy…quit? Someone had to leave to keep it interesting I guess.

-That’s probably hte most emotional we’ve seen Don in years.

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