Mad Men: Commissions and Fees

Layne head of finance for the Four-As? Ha.

Don slinging the trash talk around. Good.

Fat Sweater Betty!

Don is going to crack Layne’s head open.

Damn, Layne downed that drink in a hurry. He should have gone to Don in the first place. He’s pretty understanding about secrets. Not if you lie about them first, though.

Is Layne giving Don the “how the other half lives” speech?

Kenny is the smartest dude at SCDP. “I don’t wanna be a partner. I’ve seen what’s involved.”

That new Jag is a symbol of all that went wrong with Layne’s life.

If it weren’t for bad luck, Layne…

Glenn…still weird.


Is Don going to take this rougher than that of his brother?

Don, not denying another person of his wishes this time.

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