Mad Men: The Phantom

I may have a longer write up of this episode but until then here are some quick live-bloggy thoughts on the Mad Men season 5 finale.

Is Don treating a canker sore?

Harry Crane: Still a creep.

I figured Don would have flashbacks to his brother’s suicide.

Peggy! and in a snazzy outfit.

Meetings are a wee bit more tense since Lane died. And that’s saying something.

Yes, Pete, you are pathetic.

Heaving breathing on the phone? Stinks of Glenn…er Roger apparently.

Roger has HUGE balls and Megan isn’t stupid.

$175k? Nice little windfall for the company.

Joan may actually be right in thinking if she slept with Lane he’d still be alive.

What phantom is Megan chasing? The acting dream? A different life?

Ms. Pryce’s anger is misplaced a bit.

Don is such a tortured soul. He has a reason, at least. Pete is just a terrible and broken person. “Temporary bandage on a permanent wound.” is the perfect line to sum up Pete’s life.

Peggy is always going to be Don Jr.

Third time this season Pete’s gotten a punch he’s deserved.

Is that the first time Don has seen Megan the way she’s always wanted him to?

“Are you alone?”. In many, many, many ways, yes, Don is alone.

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