Breaking Bad: Live Free or Die

Did Dennys sign some sort of agreement to be the official diner of meth makers everywhere? That’s at least the second time we’ve seen Walt in one.

So, we know Walt survives until at least his 52nd birthday, even though it looks like the cancer has returned. Who is he on the run from, though?

It seems like Walt has a disdain for his family now — the look on his face when Walt Jr goes on about Hank the hero says it all. Like they’re in the way of his criminal empire, which technically they are. It’s not about providing for his family anymore, it’s the ego.

I know Gus used the cameras to wield power over his employees but it seems silly to keep all the video on a laptop in your office.

Mike! Feeding chickens in a bathrobe! He hates Walt for obvious reasons but knows he’s in as much trouble as Walt is if those tapes get out.

This show is one, if not THE, darkest on television but it can also be laugh out loud funny. Case in point, Jesse saying “magnets” over and over while Walt and Mike argue and ignore him.

Wait, Ted is alive? Why is Ted alive? Unless he’s going to turn against Skyler at some point I don’t think that was needed.

Yeah, bitch! Magnets!

The “Because I say so” line ranks among the most arrogant in television history.

I think we now know where Gus kept a lot of his drug money, thanks to Walt’s overzealous knob turning.

Saul was scared of Gus, but I don’t think he was ever as scared as he is of Walt.
“I forgive you.” What. A. Monster.

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