Breaking Bad: Hazard Pay

Mike, the world’s most ill fitting paralegal.

I know she’s a necessary character, but I can’t stand Skyler.

Mike runs the business side…sure he does.

Saul LOVES the Laser Tag place.

Mobile Meth Manufacturing?

Walt’s ego is the size of New Mexico.

Skinny Pete can tickle the ivories? Who knew.

Landry from Friday Night Lights? I hope he doesn’t go on a statewide killing spree (inside FNL joke).

Walt shaking Brock’s hand, and bringing up his hospital stay? I think I just threw up in my mouth.

Is that a “how did I almost murder this little boy?” look from Walt?

The camera work by Michael Slovis, the director of photography, is great as always.

“Secrets create barriers between people.” Oh, you mean Jane and Brock, Walt?

Skyler is smoking? I don’t use this often, but, lol. I really hope if/when Hank finds out about Walt that its because of his good police work and not because Skyler cracked.

Walt selling Skyler to Marie out for cheating on him with Ted? Every character is a button, and Walt is pushing all of them.

This new cooking regime is off to a rocky start. Walt’s not going to give a shit about Mike’s “guys”.

Walt’s ego is not going to like the Jesse James line. Aaaand there he goes, trying to make connections that don’t exist.

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