Breaking Bad: Madrigal

Who knew slowly eating tater tots could be so creepy?

“Franch” sounds disgusting.

That is one hell of a way to go out, dude. Bigger balls than I.

Chekov’s ricin. Over/Under on how many many weeks until we see that used?

Walt comforting Jesse after he breaks down after finding the fake ricin is disgusting.

Mike seems to be the only one who sees exactly what Walter What is, a ticking time bomb.

The speech from Hank’s boss about Gus being a completely different person right under his nose has to at least raise one red flag in Hank’s brain.

That scene in the diner with Mike and Lydia is one of the more subtle, hilarious moments the show has had in a while.

Breakfast with the Whites!

This isn’t the first we’ve heard of Mike’s life as a beat cop (season 3’s ‘Half Measures’), but it’s the first we’ve heard of his exit, however vague it was.

Mike does very well in the interview, but Hank isn’t an idiot and brings up the money. It seems to me like Hank is going to be the ultimate hero of this show.

Lydia’s request of having Mike kill off the 11 guys seems silly. Yes, they could talk, but it would look VERY suspicious if all 11 died suddenly and Mike was left alive.

As much as Mike wants to kill Lydia he knows she can get the supplies Walt needs, and with his money now cut off he needs a gig. Tough world.

“There’s no better reason than family.” GROSS.

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