Breaking Bad: Fifty-One

Some live-bloggy thoughts on tonight’s Breaking Bad


Th Aztek makes a reappearance? That thing never dies.

So, Walt traded in the Aztek and PT Crusier for two new muscle cars? That won’t look suspicious at all. And so the ego builds…

It’s a different level of stress that makes you put on two different shoes.

Mike has a seemingly endless supply of “guys”.

As Andy Greenwald pointed out at Grantland, the White’s house continues to be lit like a cave.

“What’s wrong with their environment?” You mean besides the kids living under the same roof as a meth kingpin?

Walt Jr. eating breakfast. Drink!

In the opening scene of the premiere we see Walt making a 52 with his bacon. No Skyler around to do it?

I know scenes with Skyler are necessary to show how Walt’s actions have affected his family and to show how others not working for him react to this changed man, but I really can’t stand most scenes involving her.

They’re tracking the barrels?

Walt’s not going to want Skyler to talk to any therapist.

I know it’s possible, but it’s pretty implausible that all of this has happened in a year. The chemo, Tuco, all the stuff with Gus, etc.

“I thought you were the danger?” Ha.

An amendment to my previous statements about Skyler, that bedroom scene was one of my favorite Skyler moments ever. “Wait for what?” “For the cancer to come back.” Holy. Shit.

“That’s what I get for being sexist.” Mike gets all the funny lines, man.

Jesse has a heart of fucking gold.

Walt’s right that Jesse did change his mind about him, but only after some expert manipulation. If he knew the truth things would be different. Skyler knows the truth.

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