Breaking Bad: Buyout

As always, here are some live-bloggy thoughts on this weeks excellent episode

Why is Todd not wearing gloves when taking apart the bike? Also, Jesse is notably absent.

As gruesome as it is, the barrel is the only way they could have handled the body.

Is Jesse’s hand shaking with rage? He can barely hold his cigarette.

Well…I guess that right cross answered that question.

Walt is going to have some use for Todd going forward. Anyone who is so committed to a cause that he’d kill a child is right up Walt’s alley.

You don’t put a detail on Mike. He’s all knowing. Especially with the bug on Hank’s phone.

Hey, here’s a change, Marie is wearing purple.

Another instance of a White family member crying, being emotional yet not lying about the subject matter. There’s no chance Skyler tells Marie anything. Walt can’t get undone like that.

Walt obviously isn’t taking the child’s death as harshly as Jesse.

Jesse AND Mike are getting out of the game? That puts a snag into Walt’s plans. It seems like a really good plan, if money is all you’re looking for, which Walt originally was. Walt’s ego surely won’t allow it, though.

So, Walt’s arrogance is a based in his error in taking a buyout from Gray matter? One is a legal corporation, the other isn’t. People get murdered in one, people don’t in the other.

Having Jesse in the house is not going to ease Skyler’s concerns over the kids coming back.

I’m convinced Walt just has one light bulb and carries it from room to room.

Skyler has the line of the epsiode: “They are from the deli…at Albertsons.” She’s been on the fire past few weeks. That’s saying a lot since I haven’t liked her character in some time.

It would create a mess for him with the DEA tails, but Mike killing Walt wouldn’t be such a bad idea for him. We know Walt is alive on his 52nd birthday so obviously he doesn’t.

I’ve seen enough movies to know that tying someone to the AC/radiator never works out the way the person intended.

If Walt is one thing it’s imaginative when it comes to fixing problems.

Did I say Skyler had the line of the episode? Saul might have stolen it with the “Uncle Milty” line.

One day that smirk on Walt’s face is going to go away.

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